by Patrick Mckinnon

Unique art|55.1 x 79.1 in

My portraits all have one key element in common, which is, they all make us question who the character in focus really is. They are all wearing masks of themselves, either quite literally or figuratively. These masks either hide who they really are or blatantly express there identity. When someone puts on a mask it can mean so much. We see them everywhere from festivities and secret societies to crime, sex and art form. Yet they all mean such different things and it is my constant goal to unveil or to shroud the identities of these characters. This work is inspired by my relationship with Dr Julia Shaw and her pioneering research in false memories and identity.

The albino represents a beautiful and mysterious oddity, but once we look deeper we realize it is a simple mutation or lack of the pigment melanin receptor. The image also plays a role in our modern society and makes us question whether it is truly the colour of someone's skin that causes them to be ostracized or whether it is simply a trait used to identify other stigmas; and are these stigmas true for every individual of that race or is it specific individuals who are a product of their environment. Clearly they are a product of their surroundings. Inspired by Furguson and general irrational turmoil and weariness that surrounds race and ethnicity in an unfair light. Idiosyncrasies and oddities should be present in the work


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