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by Darnéy

This painting is a tetraptych - it is composed of four stretched canvas sectionspainted in a wet-on-wet approach with acrylic paint

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I began a serious interest in painting in the summer of 1967. Over the next 13 years, when I painted, my approach mostly involved left brain control, descriptive, short brushstroke representational painting. During 1980 or '81, I took a 180 degree paradigm shift and began to paint spontaneous, wet-on-wet acrylic, very large canvas paintings directly outdoors from maple tree subjects.Today I paint large scale canvases with bold invented color - lyrical and very expressive color passages of natural images viewed so very close up only part of the external contours of the particular mages are seen. I don't use the internal natural details normally seen with such a view. Currently I am painting flower images, mainly from the iris flower. These images are meant to be more than visual illusions or mimics of iris flowers - they are intended to be metaphors or doorways into visual, emotional, and sometimes even spiritual journeys - into flowerscapes of peace, order, beauty, and unity.

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