Infinite Energy

by Olga Timson

Unique art|51.2 x 31.5 in

I was inspired by a special knowledge, the magnetic wave and an infinite energy, torus

The artwork "Infinite Energy" is included in the Grand Art exhibition collection "Passionate"
Oil on canvas, with use of texture paste and sand, whereby the artwork is looking relief. The Artwork is varnished for protection from dust, moisture and UV rays.
130 x 80 cm, August 2016.

These works for those who are able to estimate the beauty and deepness of the inner world with all it’s specialties and secrets which are uncovering on the canvas.

These works express a powerful passion with light erotic elements creating an amazing, outstanding and strong piece of art. Passion is more than just a feeling it is force that encourages and inspires people doing what they really wish to do. Like these works - they have a power, guiding strength, challenge that is able to make people following their hearts. The artist created courageous and modern motifs managing to save some romance and tenderness at the same time. The best way to create a true piece of art is to be able to combine the opposites making them interact together in beautiful harmony of utterly amazing works.

Such paintings will be perfect for nightclub or bar interior making the atmosphere inside more intimate and warm or for bedroom design creating passionate mood and erotic effect. In addition, these gorgeous works will be a great unique adding to the collection of a true connoisseur of art or for a professional artworks collector.

Buying such an unbelievable paintings will be a true godsend for many reasons:
- the prices are rather affordable for such an outstanding artworks
- amazing, unique painting style of the paintings;
- creation of a rather delicate, passionately warm atmosphere;
- inspiring, courageous mood that these works arouse while watching at them;
- works were made by a really talented artist with a famous future.


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