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Dos canciones/ Different songs

by Rilure Art

Título: Canciones diferentes/ Different songs
Técnica: Pintura acrílica sobre lienzo/ Acrilic on canvas

Ships from Spain.

Rilure Art

Rilure Art

Is there anything more fascinating than art? More spellbinding than the way we represent the world? More exciting than the ability to create new worlds? From my view point, no.

I am an art historian with philosophical inquisitiveness and artistic impulses. I use the creative space as a framework for reflection. And vice versa. I bring concepts extracted from art theory to the canvas. I think them through shapes and colours. Of gestures and composition. I guess that what I do could be qualified as conceptual art ... somehow.

I am particularly interested in oriental philosophy. In concepts such as emptiness, chance, the unification of opposites or the elements of nature that are also part of us and that we do not know very well how to control (or if we should control them). I am attracted to the way in which this has been integrated into paintings... the way the creator’s will interacts with the organic becoming of the surrounding world and how this process captures time.

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