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Seasons of the Mind - Spring

by Creativemazza

InspirationThis image is about Spring, the euphoria of love and creativity that inspires artists and poets, giving them an invincibility that conquers Heaven and Earth. Seasons of the Mind is a self-portrait series and project about Mental Health, something that most of us have to learn to manage at some point of ours lives in our modern and fast moving world. The images are bright, colourful, quirky and even fun, hoping to close the gap between audience and the stigma towards mental health. E...

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Marius Els is a London based photo artist and illustrator using photography to express his creativity in a surreal, theatrical way using digital manipulation. Originally from South Africa, he uses his experience and influences from when he was a classical ballet dancer to create imaginative imagery with poignant story telling. Each project consists of research, planned modelling, props and landscape photo shoots from which he gathers chosen images to create the final image. Marius says, "The whole process of creating these images can be rewarding as a lot of the topics are close to my heart and personal."Features - Artist of the month, Living the Photo Artistic Life - Issue No.55Features - Living the Photo Artistic Life - Issue No. 53, 54Exhibition - Loudest Whispers 2019, London by The Arts ProjectExhibition - Looking the other way 2019, Espacio Gallery London

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