Feelings and Emotions- Original Acrylic Paint

by neeruart

Unique art|32 x 15 in

The artwork is original acrylic painting and the theme is inspired by diverse personalities and emotional output.

' FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS' - Original acrylic painting on canvas. Nicely created unframed painting with museum quality visuals. The theme and titles are inspired by diverse personalities and their emotional outputs. The artwork is completed to highest level of professional expertise.
Original painting is already sold and be recreated on demand ans per specifications. Prints in different sizes are available for sale.
Authentication by signatures and certificate of the artist. Copy of authentication certificate bearing signatures of the artist and catalog reference number NEO 144 being displayed with the main image of the painting. Artist is already selling her original paintings in different countries.


Free delivery to United States
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Art, Innovation and Creativity are essential for Human Progress.
I am Mrs Neeraj Parswal from India . I am an artist creating original and handcrafted paintings and selling in different countries. I am associated with most prestigious art and paintings galleries around the world.
I am also creating custom made paintings/ commissioning paintings for individuals, International Clients, Galleries and Art Lovers.
All of my Paintings are original, 100% handcrafted and are inspired by emotions.
Welcome to my gallery.
Mrs Neeraj Parswal , C I-20 Ansal Colony, Shastri Nagar, Meerut (U.P). INDIA
Contacts -+91-9412705269, Land line +91-121-2763233

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