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Color Street, Copenhagen

by Daniel Ocean

Color Street, near King's New SquareI had been waiting for some snow to arrive before Christmas for a few years, and finally sparse snow began to drift down on the 21st of December. I hustled over to Gert's office on the top floor of his building on Color Street, about 15.00 or just as the sun set. I waited for a bit to accumulate on the rooftops, leaned pretty far out of the window, and got what I wanted lined up for the best view. The K party posters added to the scene, and all was good. ...

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Daniel Ocean

Daniel Ocean

Daniel Ocean, Light Artist : To be fair, I got tired of having a name few could pronounce correctly in the US. So I changed it. My 'nom de plume.' is now and I guess will be forever, Daniel Ocean. Changing one's name after so many years has given the gallery a new life, as not only can Danny Ocean be pronounced by folks in this market but the character is already famous. Danny or Daniel Ocean is the new standard bearer of the brand and will carry on making stills that move, and brightening up lives with fine art made with humor and honor.

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