Aqua Virgo

by valeria latorre

Unique art|43.3 x 65.4 in

Aqua Water is source of life and essential for survival, it is of major importance to all living things. My research is on the human perception of water in states which the eye can’t “fully see”. Water doesn’t have just one shape but infinite, our vision of small quantities of water is transparent and still… we recognize it through its physical qualities and light reflection, refraction, diffraction and scattering. Looking through water in movement, beautiful distorted images of reality can appear, which I try to “freeze” with my camera at their most meaningful moment. Through the knowledge of basic scientific elements and using an artistic approach I try to analyze, understand and interpret the images which mostly represent the beauty and truth of the feeling I had at the moment of shooting… while water was dancing. The selected images then become my reference for the Aqua paintings series.

Aqua Virgo is one of the acqueducts that supplied water to Rome for more than 400 years. It has its terminal point at Fontana di Trevi, Rome.


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