by Marta Zawadzka

Unique art|60 x 60 cm

:))) I wanted to capture the pure natural beauty .....


:))) I wanted to capture the pure natural beauty ..... Energetic !!! Painting is a way to show the wonder of various aspects of existence, experiencing joy every day, discovering love and pleasure. In my works I try to dress up emotions in beautiful and harmonious forms, to show the depth of everyday life. My goal is to give life to colors and shapes. I love working with color, they are a reflection of my personality. Paintings are a bridge to my soul. PAINTING ready to hang on the wall- sid

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Wow! The colors is amazing :)

Mar 9th, 2017

Marta Zawadzka

Warsaw, Poland

Marta Zawadzka (b. 1981, Bialystok, Poland, 2000-2005- Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning- Technical University ) Currently lives and works in Warsaw, Poland. Using her background in art and architecture as well as her extensive experiences in design Marta favors working large scale with her paintings and installations. She having worked as an architect and art educator in the past, now works solely as an artist allowing herself to travel and exhibit her work internationally. She has worked with mega brands such as Samsung, Grolsch, Ikea and Chanel and has acquired recognised clients from all over the globe such as Slash from Guns N' Roses drew attention to her paintings. She had exhibitions during Grand Prix Formula One 2016 in Mexico and Singapore. Her works can be seen in galleries in the UK, USA, Holland, Singapore, Belgium, Mexico, France and Poland.

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