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Reindeerpeople gathering wood.

by Rasmus Degnbol

Early morning two tribesmen gathers wood to the whole tribe and transports it on their reindeer.The print comes with a certificate of authenticity and is signed and numbered.The reindeerpeople of northern Mongolia. See more on the projekt here. http://www.rasmusdegnbol.com/reindeer-people-tsaatan/

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Rasmus Degnbol

Rasmus Degnbol

I am a danish documentary photographer. I am interested in people and their daily life on various places in the world. How does a nomadic tribe go about adjusting to globalwarming, or how does a city once part of Soviet Union cope with the surrounding uranium pollution and unstable economy. These types of questions are my photos about. I give voices to these people and I sell my stories and art to be able to visit more and more places and tell more and more stories. I am a VII Photo masterclass student at the moment working on a project about Vestjylland in Denmark and Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia.

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