His Golden Intentions

by Nina Wictorin

Unique art|30 x 40 cm

Gold paint on layers of blue glazes.


Acrylic on wood panel.

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Nina Wictorin

Malmo, Sweden

My name is Nina Wictorin, and I am a self taught artist from Malmö, Sweden. I have a double Bachelor´s degree, one in Film studies and one in Library- and information science, but have never gone to Art school. However, I loved to draw and paint already as a little girl, and along with my other passion, the one for the written word, the passion for creating visual art has followed me off and on through the walk of life. In 2017, I started to paint on a more regular basis, and it has now become something I could not imagine my life without. To me, starting a new painting is like entering a fairytale where anything is possible. Sometimes I want to tell a story or express an emotion through my art - other times I just wish to mediate a certain atmosphere or explore a specific technique. And sometimes I just want to have fun! But most of all I hope that my art, in whatever a small way, will contribute to bringing just a little bit more beauty and magic into this world.

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